Every skilled professional benefitted from the invitations. The nominations enabled every professional to fulfil the criteria of two visas. These visas are Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190) and Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491).

Based on state nomination, every applicant ensured his occupation falls in the skilled occupation list Australia. Those applicants who possessed several degree programs such as Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Bachelors were invited in large numbers.

Here is a break-up of visas and certain occupations where applicants received invitations. These are as follows

Subclass 190

Accounting Occupations – Professionals in Accountant (General) category bagged them with 75-100 points. Whereas,
Taxation Accountants were lucky to bag invitations with 70-100 points
Engineering Occupations – 70-90 for engineers belonging to different streams
Chefs – 65-85 points
IT Occupations – Professionals belonging to different IT occupations bagged invitations with 75-95 points

Subclass 491

IT Occupations – Invitations allotted with 95-105 points
Accounting Occupation – Large number of individuals were granted state nomination with 85-105 points
Chefs – 65-95 points
Engineers – Those engineers belonging to different streams received invitations with 80-90 points

There were other occupations where applicants bagged state nominations. These include nursing and trade occupations. The way invitation round was conducted is a positive development for every international student who completed his studies from Western Australia, according to Australia immigration news for international students.

Source by: High Percentage Of Visa Applicants Bag WA State Nominations